Saturday, February 26, 2011


Oh, thank goodness. My keen-eyed daughter identified the problem with my computer not recognising my camera. There were tiny teeth marks present. Obviously one of the two little angel kittens that I was convinced couldn't put a paw wrong had found the cable irresistible. I just hope the cable put up enough of a fight to deter those tiny teeth.
These are the photos I took of the garden when I first moved in. Everything looks a bit disorganised, with things still where they were dumped in the big rush to just get things shifted, so I apologise for the mess.
A gratuitous shot of the two kittens and our big cat chilling

Looking out through the ranch slider door

This is to the right as you step out from the ranch slider, or to the left if you are looking toward the house

This is the back garden courtyard - those pebbles are proving a nightmare as weeds sprout at a great rate of knots

Looking through the orange tree down at the lawn. I had taken out a lot of the lower branches of the orange tree at this point to allow more light through

We refer to this area at the side of the house as Death Valley. It is the sunny side of the house, with both pavers and white pebbles flanked on one side by the wall of the house and by a tin fence on the other. The heat generated along this little alleyway is staggering. Clothes dry on the line in an hour - no exaggeration.

Self explanatory, I think

This is the little curve in front of the orange tree. Looking at the house it is to the left in front of the deck.

What a mess!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

It's hot today

Things continue to be very busy. Life continues to throw glitches at me.

The latest is that my computer is not recognising my camera any more, so I can't upload my photos at the moment. I have no idea what prompted this rejection, but am working on it. Any tips, however, that may speed the process would be gratefully received.

In the meantime, Delphi and Diego, the two kittens, are proving to be adorable and gentle little additions to our household. Why have I never had two kittens together before? They play with each other and leave destruction alone. They are also individually extremely affectionate little souls toward us. Both of them love to be cuddled and claws just don't come out at all.

Diego had the "snip" a couple of days ago. He sailed through it. I was a little aghast to discover that male cats don't get sutured - the wound is just left to heal. I am used to female animals being nipped and tucked and sealed up again with sutures. However, the wound is already well on it's way to being healed. Delphi, being a month younger and a female, has a couple more months grace before I have to worry about having her speyed. 

The garden is starting to look good. Yes, I have photos - but they are all still in the camera. It is frustrating, to say the least.

Tasha's paw is fully healed now, but she has lost her voice due to growling and showing her displeasure toward the kittens. It has been so strange to have this extremely vocal cat "whisper growling". Her voice is now beginning to return - we now have raspy croaks. That said, I think she's realised the kittens are here to stay and is tolerating them much better.

Otter, the dog, just sails through life. About the only thing that ever unsettles him is if he needs to be told off (rare), but it really upsets him.

Old Sophie cat just comes and goes and does her own thing. As long as the food is there, I don't think she really cares who or what lives here.

Personally, I am getting over having injured my back at work 3 weeks ago. I haven't taken any time off work, but painkillers are what have got me through. It's feeling much better now, thank goodness, and hopefully will be back to normal soon.

We have also been having a bit of a heatwave at present. I am so thankful our new home has air conditioning otherwise I really may have just melted away into a blob.